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Bacterial Vaginosis vs. Trichomoniasis

There are three main types of vaginal infections that women are faced with: bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections, and trichomoniasis (trich). All 3 exhibit similar symptoms, particularly vaginal itching, burning sensation and pain within the vaginal region. More often than not, these symptoms will come with vaginal discharge-although each of the different vaginal infections has their own characteristic vaginal discharge that can serve as a distinguishing factor for easier identification. From among the many types of vaginal infections, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis are two of the most commonly confused infections. It’s therefore important to know how BV is different from trichomoniasis so as to take the right path to the appropriate treatment since different vaginal infections are treated distinctively.

Bacterial vaginosis mostly affects women of childbearing age, whereas trichomoniasis can affect both men and women. Trichomoniasis is caused by a microscopic parasite that can live and multiply in the vaginal area. It is classified as an STD since it can be transferred between partners. Men don’t normally experience any symptoms, but it can be transferred to a woman through sexual contact. Some symptoms men might experience include itching and burning, and it can possibly be a cause of prostatitis. The parasite however, will not survive in the mouth.

Similar to BV, trich also presents itself with a foul fishy smelling vaginal discharge, but there is still a differentiating factor that makes it distinct. Vaginal discharge of a person with trichomoniasis appears frothy and can range from yellow to grayish-green in color, but is commonly green. However, discharge from BV is commonly a cloudy white color. If you go to the doctor, you are likely to be prescribed with the antibiotic metronidazole once you are diagnosed with BV or trichomoniasis.


If left untreated, both BV and trich can have harmful effects. BV can lead to serious complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and can also cause pregnancy complications such as pre-term labor. Trichomoniasis can also lead to PID and pregnancy complications. It will also put you at a greater risk for other STDs, such as HIV. As long as you or your partner is left untreated, it will result to further spreading the infection.

It is greatly advised to seek a doctor’s diagnosis once you notice the symptoms of any type of vaginal infection. This is highly crucial because these infections have similar manifestations and it would sometimes be hard to define which one you are actually suffering from. There is nothing wrong with seeking diagnosis from a medical doctor rather than be sorry later on just because you are too shy or embarrassed to talk about the symptoms of the vaginal infection you are suffering from. If you have trichomoniasis, don’t despair. Of all STD’s, it is the most common curable STD. Intake of zinc can do wonders for you, in addition to a doctor’s prescription.



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  1. Sara on August 14th, 2011 1:49 am

    Thank you for this site. I was in tears, questioning my husband’s faithfulness, and so embarrassed. I know Im not alone now. Thank you!

  2. Kaitlin on August 24th, 2011 4:45 am

    I love this website also for answering many of my questions, but what I am kind of confused on is I went to my gyno for a visit for some of the symptoms above and he said I had a bacterial infection and something do with bacterial flora? But he never specified whether I have BV or Trich.. and since the same medicine he prescribed me is used for both, how the heck am I supposed to know?! only bc if its Trich my boyfriend needs to be treated as well.

  3. nikki on August 26th, 2011 10:34 am

    Im tired of catching this s*** from my boyfriend.

  4. amber on February 8th, 2012 8:28 pm

    i am very glad i found this website! i am 2 months preg and about a wk ago me and the babys father went to the ER cuz i was having stomach pains. thank god we found out it wasnt anything serious! but the ER doc told us that i had Trichomoniasis and he treated me with flagyl whic i also found out was a treatment for BV. i went to a reproductive clinic a few days later and found out that i had BV not Trich and the babys dad wont listen to me. but my thing about it is that he was there at the ER with me that day so if he was so concerned about the Trich, why did he reschedule his doc appt? but now i have a website plus my docs proof that i didnt have trich but if the babys dad keeps being a jerk about it, i hope his d**k falls off!

  5. courtney on April 13th, 2012 12:17 am

    OMG thank God for this I just had my six week check up and I got a call from my doctor that I had trichomonas and I damn there lost it bcuz I knew I hadn’t been with anybody besides my boyfriend n I know he didn’t cheat thank God this didn’t break us up….I called my doctor demanding a retest

  6. kelly on July 16th, 2013 6:03 am

    Tricomoniasis is a SEXUAL transmitted disease.. so he deflee DID cheat on you. BV is not…

  7. kelly on July 16th, 2013 6:05 am

    @Courtney re-read the difference between the two.

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