Bacterial Vaginosis Home Treatments | Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment: Different Routes to a Cure

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment: Different Routes to a Cure

Are you ashamed to seek bacterial vaginosis treatment because looking for ways to treat it would mean sharing accounts related to its symptoms and you are embarrassed to talk about it? Don’t be! Once you take this sitting down, you would eventually compromise yourself to suffer some complications that can be really detrimental to your health. Don’t let this happen to you.

The Antibiotic Treatment:

Upon diagnosis, the first step that a doctor will take for bacterial vaginosis treatment is by means of the antibiotic treatment approach. But before you are prescribed with the appropriate antibiotic, the doctor would first dig into establishing the fact about what really caused your infection. This is essential because most symptoms of BV resemble that of a yeast infection. So to prevent the mistake of prescribing the wrong medication, the doctor would first make a thorough analysis assisted by reliable laboratory testing with a vaginal fluid sample. Relief is then provided by complete dosage of the medication. In addition to this, antibiotics also assist the body to recover more rapidly. HOWEVER, many women prefer not to go this route because of the cyclical return of BV symptoms that can occur from using antibiotics. You see, when antibiotics are used, they not only kill the bad bacteria causing your discomfort, they also kill the good bacteria as well. This means that if the bad bacteria re-outgrow the good, than your symptoms will return. Many women suffer from chronic bacterial vaginosis because of this effect. This is why natural and home remedies for BV have become a very popular treatment method, which is discussed next.

The Natural and Alternative Remedy Specialists:

Other bacterial vaginosis treatment plans consist of natural and alternative approaches. There are a couple very popular self help books which you can download for a decent price. Click here to view the most popular one. If you would like to compare them, visit my home treatment programs review page. The self help books comprise information on herbal preparations used in different solutions and methods with items such as tea tree oil or grapefruit extract. There are also natural approaches that you can work on for relief of symptoms; however it is still best to pay attention to the safety of your overall health before you finally settle for the most appropriate treatment.

The Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Approach:

Taking vitamins and mineral supplements is somewhat considered helpful in terms of strengthening the immune system of a sufferer. It provides a helping hand to fight against the harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses, particularly infection. This is another important part of a vaginosis treatment plan.



2 Responses to “Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment: Different Routes to a Cure”

  1. Angela on February 22nd, 2010 4:16 pm stated that yogurt treatments don’t work b/c it doesn’t have the same flora found in the vagina. I have included the link below.

  2. Marilyn Perez on December 8th, 2010 12:48 am

    I can definitely understand a woman’s frustration with having reoccurrences of BV. I was originally diagnozed with BV approximately 5 months ago. I was originaly given a treat that I was to take twice a day for two days. The symptoms immediately subsided and returned almost three weeks later. Again, I was given the same type of medicine which did nothing. The third time I was given a gel that was to be inserted at night for 5 days. This too did not work. I was now worried that I would never be the same. I was embarrassed and totally frustated when my doctor told me that he would again prescribe me with Metronidazol. Only this time for 7 days. I took the medication and waited severaly days before having sexual intercourse with my husband. After at least 2 weeks the terrible odor and discharge was back. I swore that I would not take the Metronidazol anymore or any other medication for that matter because I’d read on the internet that these medications were actually just aggravating the situation and not making it better. I decided to do my own research and find out what exactly was BV and why so many reoccurrences. I came across this site that spoke of Acidophilus which helps protect the body against harmful bacteria, parasites, and other organisms. As it breaks down, it releases things such as hydrogen peroxide that create a toxic environment for unhealthy creatures in the body, helping to drive them out. The fungal infection of Candida albicans, more commonly referred to as a yeast infection when it affects the genital area, is thought by some to be controlled by acidophilus.
    After reading the article and having already refilled a prescription for metronidazol, I decided to try the Acidophilus. I went to my local GNC and purchased a bottle for $12. I took 3 tablets daily for 3 days and I’m here to tell you that the discomfort, the terrible odor and discharge are totally gone. I feel free, fresh and clean once again.

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