Bacterial Vaginosis Home Treatments

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments With No Antibiotics

By now you are probably well aware that antibiotics are not the most helpful bacterial vaginosis treatment. Antibiotics work to get rid of BV for a time, but it is common for BV to reoccur. Please see my bacterial vaginosis and antibiotics article if you are unsure how antibiotics can cause chronic BV. It is […]

Why is this happening?

When something is wrong, I want to know why. What did I do to cause the problem? Is there something I can do differently to keep it from happening again? This is true for all kinds of problems. A relationship ends and I want to know what went wrong, so I don’t make the same […]

You have Bacterial Vaginosis? Let’s talk!

Most women are embarrassed to talk about issues they may have “down there.” Yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, STDs—let’s face it; they’re uncomfortable to have and just as uncomfortable to talk about. Who wants to talk about odor, itching, and discharge? And vaginal exams are awkward and uncomfortable. But please know you are not alone. Statistics […]

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