Bacterial Vaginosis Home Treatments

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments With No Antibiotics

By now you are probably well aware that antibiotics are not the most helpful bacterial vaginosis treatment. Antibiotics work to get rid of BV for a time, but it is common for BV to reoccur. Please see my bacterial vaginosis and antibiotics article if you are unsure how antibiotics can cause chronic BV. It is […]

Over the Counter Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

It is has been pointed out by many researchers that bacterial vaginosis (BV) occurs as a consequence of the disruption in the normal balance of the vaginal flora. As a matter of fact, this vaginal condition has been referred to as one of the most common conditions that can develop in a woman who still […]

Eliminate Vaginal Odor – A Product Review of Femanol

Femanol is a dietary supplement remedy to eradicate the foul vaginal odor that comes with bacterial vaginosis. The symptoms of vaginosis are not easy to bear. Not only are they annoying but the uncomfortable feeling they bring about are just too difficult to deal with. Conventional doctor prescribed medication isn’t always the best treatment path. […]