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Conventional vs. Natural Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is one of the most common vaginal infections that women are prone to experience at some point during their lifetime. More cases of this vaginal condition remain unreported due to the probability that many women are too embarrassed to submit themselves for consultation with the doctor. This is with the wrong idea that BV is considered only as a sexually transmitted disease. (STD). But there is no reason for this alarm because this vaginal infection, though it can be contracted through sexual intercourse, is not in any way categorized as an STD. However, the annoyances that BV symptoms can bring about are just enough base for a sufferer to find effective cures for bacterial vaginosis.

This vaginal infection can bring negative symptoms such as an unwanted and very strong “fishy” smell, an itching and burning feeling within the vaginal region, and vaginal discharge that can range from white to gray in color. Upon experiencing these symptoms, a sufferer would likely find a way to eliminate the discomfort by going to the doctor for a much-needed consultation.

Conventional Cures for BV

The ultimate path to conventional cures for bacterial vaginosis is definitely by means of the complete course of antibiotics. However, there is a common downside for this type of treatment method. There is no proven study that antibiotics can permanently eliminate the root cause of the infection. It is only effective in providing relief from the symptoms of the infection. In fact, many reports have shown the relativity of antibiotics in further harming the vaginal flora and the incidence of recurring BV.

Natural Cures for BV

The reality about antibiotic treatment is the reason why more and more have started to find a new course that can effectively address the concern about eliminating the root cause of BV. Natural cures for bacterial vaginosis have become quite a talk of the town among sufferers of this uncomfortable and annoying vaginal infection. Another benefit from BV natural cures is with regards to the cost that you have to spend, the affordability factor is one of the reasons why it has been well-accepted by the large part of the populace.

Apple cider vinegar diluted in water can be used as part of your bath, particularly in the vaginal area of the person suffering from BV. This can be followed by the use of the very own garlic, which is greatly regarded with its antibiotic capabilities. You can also try oil of oregano, which is greatly recognized for its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

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  1. Louise Endago on April 4th, 2011 1:10 am

    It’s a shame that so many women think they have an STD when in actual fact they have BV.

    Although women who have unprotected sex especially with multiple sexual partners are more prone to getting a BV infection, it’s also true that a complete virgin can contract BV.

    I totally agree with the author here regarding antibiotics. Antibiotics are only meant for short-term symptomatic relief of bacterial vaginosis. In the long run they can make things worse.

    I will add however that there ARE certain situations where antibiotics can be helpful, such as when a woman’s BV has resulted in her getting pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which is far more serious than BV alone and requires medical attention.

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