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Eliminate Vaginal Odor – A Product Review of Femanol

Femanol is a dietary supplement remedy to eradicate the foul vaginal odor that comes with bacterial vaginosis. The symptoms of vaginosis are not easy to bear. Not only are they annoying but the uncomfortable feeling they bring about are just too difficult to deal with. Conventional doctor prescribed medication isn’t always the best treatment path. This is the reason why more and more women suffering from this condition are searching for natural remedies that can help alleviate and perhaps eliminate the problem and the symptoms that comes along with it. Femanol is one of the natural supplements that the market has made available for women suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Femanol deals mostly with eliminating the foul odor problem associated with BV. If you are searching for a comprehensive guide full of natural remedies to eliminate BV, Click Here.

What is Femanol?

Femanol is an herbal supplement designed to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms produced by BV. It has been praised for its ability to reduce the foul vaginal odor caused by BV. It is a natural remedy manufactured by MedcoSouth Healthcare. To learn more about how Femanol works, or to purchase, Click Here.

One of the main concerns related to BV is the foul smell that comes with the vaginal discharge. This is more intense after sexual intercourse, making the woman feel embarrassed to her partner. Femanol works effectively in reducing the intensity of the bad odor enough for a woman to be relaxed and confident to have intimate moments with her partner. Taking the capsule is not complicated, it is recommended that you take the capsule before bedtime continuously as prescribed. The idea is not to skip even once in order to maximize the effectiveness Femanol promises to offer. It is not just a promise, because many users have testified and spread the good news about Femanol.

Femanol is also effective in reducing the bloated feeling that is often felt when suffering from vaginosis. It can rejuvenate the normal balance of the vaginal flora as it strengthens the immune system enough to fight against the bacteria that may again attack with the aim to cause recurrence of the previously treated vaginal infection. This is done by intensifying the capacity of the good bacteria that is innately present in the vagina.

Another good thing is the money back guarantee that comes with every offer to purchase and try the product. If you find it ineffective to eradicate the foul odor, you can have your money back as the manufacturer had pledged to compromise. This is one way for users to be confident on a product that is indeed effective in its own right.

It is an ideal thing to note that there are supplements consisting of ingredients from natural sources that can eliminate the foul smell that comes from the vagina of someone suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Femanol is indeed a blessing for women who are going through the annoying symptoms of BV. To learn more and possibly purchase Femanol, Click Here There is also another product on the market known as Destinol which I’ve found to be cheapest on Amazon. Click Here to review or purchase Destinol



2 Responses to “Eliminate Vaginal Odor – A Product Review of Femanol”

  1. amy on August 29th, 2011 12:47 am

    It says that Femanol treats the “symptoms” of BV. Does it actually CURE the infection? If it just treats the sypmtoms & the infection stays, I’d be taking Femanol forever. I dont want a product that just treats the symptoms. I want the infection itself GONE.

  2. Loren on July 17th, 2014 3:25 am

    First thing I’d do is go see your GYN. Make sure that there isn’t a serious issue there first. If everything checks out, I’d look into some natural ways of dealing with this problem.

    For me I started looking into fruits and vegetables that help. Grapefruit and pineapples help a lot. There are also vitamins that help but none really showed any type of change for me.

    Then after spending a few hours on the net I came across this natural supplement for women’s needs and care called balance complex for women.

    I’ve been let down before by supplements promising the world. This type of issue is especially embarrassing and I’m just thrilled this has been working so far.

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