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In order to alleviate some concern I’ve received about the different products claiming to treat and cure bacterial vaginosis, I’ve decided to create this review. I’m going to be perfectly honest about what is out there and what you can expect to get. There are 3 main at home treatment options to consider. You should know that you are basically buying information (a large collection of many home remedies, diet information, and other techniques to treat BV and vaginal odor), like a self-help book, just in digital format. All 3 e-books range in price from $29.95 to $39. In today’s economy that might seem like a lot, but it can be much less expensive than 1 doctor visit (and much less uncomfortable). With that introduction, here are the 3 different treatment options in order of popularity:

Home Treatment Program
My Review

The BV Miracle™ is the newest of all the BV home treatment programs and is rapidly gaining popularity. It was also created by a woman who suffered for many years with BV. It provides the most natural treatments and herbs than any other book and is 65 pages long. It is also more affordable than the others ($10 less), which may be a selling point for some. Highlights:

  • It works for all stages of Bacterial Vaginosis (Chronic, First Time, etc.)
  • Quick relief and soothing of symptoms.
  • Worked for many women.
  • Created by a Bacterial Vaginosis sufferer.
  • Teaches how to eliminate foul odor.
  • Provides protection against recurrent symptoms.
  • Full Refund Money Back Guarantee
  • Well written, easy to implement

3 Days to BV Relief™ has been very popular and the e-book has been around longer than any other, so it has the most reviews. It was created by a long time vaginosis sufferer. It is a bit easier to read and the treatments are the easiest to implement. It literally has helped thousands of women get rid of BV for good. Some highlights:

  • Fast relief of symptoms
  • Provides protection against recurrent symptoms.
  • Very simple and easy to use treatment options.
  • Provides info on a healthy BV diet.
  • It works for all stages of Bacterial Vaginosis (Chronic, First Time, etc.)
  • Reasonably priced, although just a bit more than BV Miracle
  • You receive valuable bonuses upon purchasing, not just junk.
  • 8 week, Full Refund Money Back Guarantee
  • The best thing about this product, is the “Super Bonus.” You receive free unlimited online support.

Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom™ is very similar to the others, but I feel it is the best one at providing the most complete information on BV. It discusses everything from diagnosis and causes to symptoms and, of course, treatment. It even devotes an entire chapter to long term relief after treatment. Highlights:

  • Also created by a past BV sufferer.
  • Most complete informational book on BV
  • Learn to naturally build immune system.
  • Provides simple 3-step plan.
  • Informs on good and bad hygiene products and techniques.
  • Gives steps for prevention.
  • Debunks myths and gives facts on treatment.
  • Ful Refund, Money Back Guarantee
  • Hint:To get $10 off this book, try closing your window browser or tab (after clicking to the BV Freedom website), and you will receive a link to purchase the book with a $10 discount!

Final note: There is no need to worry about security or privacy issues, all transactions are carried out by Clickbank, a trusted and reliable digital products retailer. Also, if you would like to provide me with your comments about any of the above 3 products, please feel free to contact me at brittney.vaselli(at)