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Over the Counter Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

It is has been pointed out by many researchers that bacterial vaginosis (BV) occurs as a consequence of the disruption in the normal balance of the vaginal flora. As a matter of fact, this vaginal condition has been referred to as one of the most common conditions that can develop in a woman who still belongs in the reproductive age group. In relation to this, there are a few over the counter treatments for BV that have been developed by a few manufacturers, and it is anticipated that there will be many more as the condition becomes better known.

Based on many studies and from actual inquiries to BV sufferers themselves, a large part of their population resort to over the counter treatment for bacterial vaginosis. This is largely due to two major reasons; first because many believe they can curtail their treatment expense and they think heading straight to simply ask the pharmacist for a recommendation would help them realize their goal. The second rationale is because they are embarrassed to discuss the symptoms that they are experiencing to the doctor but they want to get rid of it. Since the drugstore personnel are not familiar with who they are, they end up just running to them to ask which among the many over the counter options are possible to eliminate the manifestations of bacterial vaginosis.

Oral probiotic supplements such as Femanol are among the most sought-after over the counter treatments for BV. Femanol is particularly popular for controlling vaginal odor, but is typically more expensive than other BV treatment options. Some supplements are available in the form of either capsule or powder containing Lactobacillus or Acidophilus and are consumed daily to supply the body of additional good bacteria with the aim of restoring the balance that has been disrupted earlier by the thriving of the bad bacteria in the vaginal flora. These supplements are also developed to help in boosting up the body’s defense by means of strengthening the immune system of the body. Click here to learn more about Femanol.

Others looking for over-the-counter treatments for BV turn to vaginal anti-itch creams that are present in most drugstores. Although, they are not designed to cure the infection permanently, the relief they provide in terms of the itch that comes with the condition is something that is worthy in the eyes of the sufferer. It can also be helpful in getting rid of the fishy vaginal smell that comes when you have BV but just the same as mentioned earlier, they are not aimed at treating the primary cause of the infection.

There are also tea tree oil pessaries that can help in regulating the non-beneficial bacteria that grew in number in the vaginal wall. These are small plastic or silicone devices containing tea tree oil that is inserted into the vagina. The anti-bacterial property of the tea tree oil makes it one of the best possible over the counter treatments for bacterial vaginosis.

While some over the counter treatments for BV are widely sought after by many sufferers, using them alone is not a guaranteed option to eradicate the infection permanently. It is noteworthy that you aim for those treatments that are aimed at restoring the pH balance of the vaginal flora and at the same time supplying additional Lactobacillus in the body.

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